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Wanderlust: Finding my True North

I had been putting off this post for a week now because there is just so much to say that I don’t know where to start! So…here it goes…


 Everything happens for a reason, really, it does. I say that all the time, but probably only believed it about 90% of the time, until last weekend happened. It’s so easy to get lost in the disappointment/confusion of why something happens, that you often miss the good/lesson that is coming from the situation. In a very odd way, that is what got me to Wanderlust.

 What is Wanderlust, you may ask? Wanderlust festivals are, “All-out celebrations of mindful living…Exceptional yoga and meditation instructors, musicians, speakers, artists, and chefs for transformational retreats in the world’s most awe-inspiring natural resorts.” 

This particular weekend was in Snowshoe, West Virginia.  (Both of these pics are #nofilter) That sunset though!!!

I had no idea what to expect coming into Wanderlust. I bought tickets for myself as my Golden Birthday Gift (29 on May 29th) and decided I would go alone. I found a group of girls to stay with on the Facebook Forum page and felt as if I was set. The leader, Chasity, assured me that though I was no pro-yogi, I would surely have a blast and fit in.


A few weeks prior to the event, I was tagged in a post on the Facebook page asking for anyone who might want to carpool from Nashville. I figured it wouldn’t hurt, so decided to meet Lloyd to see if we could stand being in the car with each other for 9 hours.

 Luckily, it worked out even though I warned the poor guy about how weird I was! Soooooo… I started to get ready for Wanderlust.

I could tell you step-by-step everything that I did at Wanderlust, but I will just let the pictures do the talking.
As for what I learned…

 I learned to expect the unexpected. Expectations are such a cruel thing. I think we would all be a little better off if we could live life with no expectations of ourselves or others.


I learned that there are people out there who I can completely relate to on so many levels, even if we are from different walks of life, and that running through puddles is more fun with you have a squad to laugh with afterwards. Within that, I learned that time doesn’t always matter in a friendship. I connected with 3 amazing ladies on an eerily deep level within hours of meeting them! 


I learned that I’m pretty good and parking cars in unconventional ways.


I learned that sometimes you just need to paint your body and do some dancing!


I learned the value of teamwork and what it means to let go and trust someone completely. And guess what? I didn’t fall…well…maybe once…


I learned that I CAN do things that I never thought were possible, both physically and mentally, as long as I truly believe it’s possible. Pardon my language, but I call bull shit on anyone who says, “But I can’t…” There is ALWAYS a way, even if it’s not the way you were intending.


I learned that it’s OK to eat dessert first at dinner and the world doesn’t stop spinning! Crazy concept, right?!


I learned that you can always choose how you perceive a situation. Put on those glitter glasses when the world starts looking gloomy! 


I learned that I will never be content with, “What if…” again. Ever.


Finally, I learned that it’s ok to be exactly who I am. Be it a YO-GAngta, hippie, librarian, child, gypsy, whatever, I should just be me. People that mind don’t matter, and people that matter won’t mind! 

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