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Be Love

I still cannot believe it’s almost been a year since my first Wanderlust event. Now her I am helping host a Wanderlust Pre-event to promote Wanderlust! I drove down to Beaufort, SC and stayed with my dear friend, Brittney. Together we put on this awesome even…well..Brittney did the majority of it…I just assisted! Yoga by:BrittneyContinue Reading “Be Love”

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Wanderlust: Finding my True North

I had been putting off this post for a week now because there is just so much to say that I don’t know where to start! So…here it goes… ¬†Everything happens for a reason, really, it does. I say that all the time, but probably only believed it about 90% of the time, until lastContinue Reading “Wanderlust: Finding my True North”