Ode to Miles’ Truck
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Ode to Miles’ Truck

Today is a sad day.

I can remember the first time I ever got to ride in Miles’ truck. He was dropping me off at my car after we saw our mutual friend, CJ, sing at Tootsie’s in Nashville on a Sunday afternoon. And the second time? It was for my first ever camping trip with my good friend, Nicole, in Kentucky.

Camping Crazies

I never would’ve dreamed from my first few moments in that truck what amazing adventures were soon to follow! It was less than a year later that we made the truck our mobile home as we ventured across the country in it.

Exactly a year ago it was still considered our “home” as we struggled to find housing in this tiny ski town we now live in, but still, it kept “truckin'” along! It has made it through all sorts of elements and climates: Freezing temps, sandy beaches, and torrential downpours, just to name a few. It even briefly carried (what we thought) would be a longer term home for us, though that didn’t quite work out…

With as many amazing experiences that I’ve had with Miles and his truck, he’s been through SO much more with it.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering why we are saying goodbye to our beloved truck friend.
A couple days ago Miles was driving me to go babysit when we were hit on my side of the car. It was the first major accident either of us had been in and it really shook us up. As if we weren’t already on a tight budget trying to get out of this place, the accident immediately made us both feel the weight of how much harder it was going to be to pull ourselves out of this situation. Ever since we got here we have had nothing but challenge after challenge (remember?). I am beyond blessed to be in this situation with a patient partner amidst the chaos, though even he is no longer immune to the additional stress that we now have on our lives. I have no doubt that we will overcome this and all the challenges we have been faced with these last few months, it’s just going to take a little more effort.

A good friend told me today, “This has been your low, now it’s time to climb!” She couldn’t be more right! I feel as if I have been searching for rock bottom for months now and I finally found it. I’m ready to stand on that stupid rock and start digging myself OUT!


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