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So Saturday (9/20/14) heaven got another little puppy angel. Snowflake was only with us for a short time; a mere 5 1/2 years. I feel extremely blessed to have had her with me for that amount of time, though it was much shorter than I ever would have imagined. 

She was with me as I laughed, cried, thought my life was over, and when I realized it had just begun.

Before she got sick, I spent more time with her than any other human. She always slept by my side (or under my pillow) and I never had to be alone if she was in the house, including sitting right under my feet as I cooked in the kitchen. I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, and I have no doubt that the season of my life she was a part of is when I probably needed her the most. 

She may have been a very spoiled little princess (hey, she was the first granddog after all!), she was never short on love. Her grandpappi’s were probably her favorite. When I would drive to their house all I had to do was pull in the driveway and she knew exactly where we were; she’d start barking like crazy until I got her into the house. She also loved her auntie and sister Cocobutt; the 4 of us often spent fun times either playing wrestle mania or water park adventures. I could go on and on about all the people that played a role in her life..but I will just stick with pictures…they speak louder anyway (If I left you out, I’m sorry..there were WAY MORE than I realized I had!)

I’m not sure she ever met a person she didn’t love and her ability to warm up to people so quickly is what will stick with me. We can all learn a little from that!

Though my heart is breaking at the thought of not hearing her little bark when I come into the house, I am happy that she is finally out of her misery. She got sick last November and the poor thing had been in and out of the vet at least every month, if not every few weeks, since then. She took it like a champ though, even if she was quite the little princess.

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