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2015 was an incredibly huge year in my life and I can only imagine what 2016 will hold! When 2015 started, I made several resolutions (that I actually stuck with) but overall, I proclaimed that this year would be a year that I dedicate to finding “me”; a year of self-discovery, getting out of my comfort zone, trying things that scare me, doing whatever it took to shed the BS of what I felt I was “supposed” to be so I could find who I truly was.

2015 was the year of ME

I’m happy to say that while I am still learning things about myself on a daily basis that I didn’t previously know, I have grown leaps and bounds from the person I was when the year started.

As I head into 2016, I would like to first take a look back at my top moments in 2015 (in no particular order), because, it’s important to know where you came from before you move forward!

The moment I realized that while the things I am leaving behind have molded me into the person I am today, there are much better things/reasons to look forward (rather than continuing to look back).

The moment I discovered my independence.

The moment I fell, but got back up.

The moment I learned that it’s ok to love the person I am, even with all of my faults and weird tendencies.

The moment I felt completely free; free from judgement, free from expectation, free from pressure, free to be me.

The moment I felt small (in a good way) and was able to completely appreciate everything nature has to offer.

The moment I realized that trusting your gut is something that I am capable of doing, because I was inspired by this lovely lady who is currently living out part of a dream I am about to pursue!

The moment I realized that I was capable of MUCH more than I ever thought possible.

The moment I discovered what a “tribe” was, and the moment I found mine.

The moment I watched my sister commit herself to the person she fell in love with.

The moment I discovered what it felt like to be head over heels in love with another human being.

The moment I decided it was time to close one chapter in my life to start a fresh new one, even if meant taking a leap into the unknown.

These were only 12 moments from an entire year of amazing experiences. I was lucky enough to visit 1 US Territory, 2 countries (4 cities in 1 of those countries), and 17 US States this year!

#2016 is going to be another big year for me as I journey into brand new, unknown territory! BRING IT ON!

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