Life Happens

Live on the Green

So I’ve only lived in Nashville my entire life, and never knew there were free concerts downtown in the summer! …That or I just never bothered looking into it. This year I took gander and really wanted to go, but had no one to go with. I was complaining to my other half in the library last Friday about my dilemma when she said that her son and friends were going and he would take me. The rest is history!

Last night I went downtown and got to see Johnny Swim and Cage the Elephant at Live on the Green with these 2 strapping (very) young gentlemen! It was a fun time, though I am kinda bummed that I only discovered this awesome gem the closing weekend! Next summer I gotta get on the boat sooner!


“They think they know my thoughts, but they don’t know in the least.
If they listened to the words they’d find the message that’s beneath.
But it goes in one ear and right out the other…”
-Cage the Elephant

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