I do. I really really do.
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I do. I really really do.

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I often preach the importance of balance. It’s something I struggle to keep in my own life, so I am constantly thinking about it and trying to figure out ways to better balance out myself. Well…one of the major things in my life that balances out my high strung, crazy anxious personality is my very patient and mellow partner, Miles.

Though Miles and I will be having our “wedding ceremony” with a small group of close family and friends in Mexico this November (and we needed to legally get married stateside), we decided to stop wasting time and just do it already!

What made this so special was that NO ONE knew about our secret plan except one of my dear Instagram friends who I had bonded with online, but never met in person, @TheHikingMermaid. You see, Miles and I had made this plan before we knew we were going to be moving. In fact, it was the very next day that we got the news that our lives were about to change! That sped everything up significantly. Since Mermaid and I had been talking about getting together for several months, I decided this was our last chance so I reached out. When I contacted her asking if she would join us and photograph the event, she was ecstatic (which got me even more excited!) SO, I hopped on Amazon and ordered a few different dress styles!


We were exactly a week from moving when we went to the DMV to get all our paperwork ready. You see, in Colorado (or at least Grand County) you can actually marry yourselves! You don’t even need witnesses (though we were going to have our photographer duo). That day at the DMV the system went down about 30 minutes before closing and stayed down for a very long time. I started to worry that we weren’t going to be able to get it all done and maybe we were going about all this the wrong way. It was about that time that the system came back on and we got everything processed within a matter of minutes!

The rest of the week we spent packing, seeing friends for the last time, and skiing as much as we could. Finally Saturday rolled around and Mermaid (along with her fiance, Trey, and their dog, Red) arrived. Miles and I were insanely exhausted from packing, but still we were excited. After introductions and lots of hugs (because Mermaid and I FINALLY got to meet) we got down to business. If you haven’t seen Mermaid’s instagram, stop what you are doing and go take a look. She is known for her epic sunrise/sunset/night scenes. With that being said, we got dressed and headed out to find a spot for some night shots. It was hard to stay still for them because I was so excited about the upcoming day and getting to have the amazing photos that I knew were going to produced.


Sunday morning started slow. The sun was bright and it was warmer outside than planned. I am finally starting to get the hang of skiing, but skiing on icy slopes scares the crap out of me! We made the drive over to Steamboat (our favorite resort) and jumped in line. Another bad sign…the gondalas weren’t running due to wind and the sun was still beating down. The whole place was just overcrowded and I had that small sliver of fear start to creep in that maybe we were doing this wrong. We persisted and after a lot of waiting in lines, we finally made it up to the highest point a lift would carry us. At this point the sun was actually in our favor! The skies were blue and clear, so we were able to get some amazing shots of the town we both love so dearly.


After all that work, we went in to enjoy a bloody mary and get pumped for the clouds that were slowly moving in. Right as we were finishing, we snapped a few shots as the flurries came in and jumped on a run. We made it over to Tomahawk (which happened to be the first blue run I ever felt comfortable on) and pulled over between a few aspen trees. We decided it was time.


We jumped out of our skis and got wedding ready. As we started to walk over to a nice little grove, the snow started to pick up. Miles started saying his vows and the snow started DUMPING! It was my turn to read my vows as I tried to read what I had written through snow-coated eyelashes.


After kisses, photos, hugs, and huge smiles we wobbled over to an aspen tree to sign our wedding certificate making it official. We popped some beers (and I had saved a single Hey Y’all for a special occasion, thanks Meggie!) It was time to keep the celebration going!!


We snapped back into our skis and headed down the mountain through the snow (and in my dress!) The heat, long lines, and ice must’ve scared off a lot of the crowd, because we basically had the mountain to ourselves! The snow didn’t stop for the rest of the day, which made it even more magical!! After we got to the base I was approached by a Girl Scout, so I bought a box of Tagalongs to have in place of wedding cake. haha! We got dinner and a couple souvenirs, then headed home.

“We got everything we need right here
And everything we need is enough…
Just so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms.” -Jack Johnson

It was the most amazing and magical day EVER! I had on no make up, was wearing a 2 piece dress that was less than $40, and my hair was a jumbled mess…and I felt completely at ease and comfortable as soon as I looked at my handsome groom. I would not change a single thing about the day!


Now, as for the balance I mentioned at the beginning of this post….If you can’t tell, I love metaphors. The fact that Miles and I got married high up on a mountain in the pouring snow and we will share the ceremony with our family and friends at sea level on the beach…I mean…you just can’t get much more balanced than that!! It felt like the perfect way to set the tone for our marriage. To seal it up and make it even more meaningful, we decided to tattoo on our wedding rings. Miles got a wave since I love the beach and I got a mountain range since he loves the mountains. <3

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5 thoughts on “I do. I really really do.”

  1. So beautiful.. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.. congratulations and may you have many more beaches and mountains to climb together..

  2. This has to be the best news we’ve heard in a long time. Many many heartfelt congratulations and a continued wonderful life ahead.
    Lots of love
    Jeff and Carole

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