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Glittering Onward

I am not the same person I was when I entered the house that I left today.

I was broken, lost, confused, lacked independence and confidence, and I was completely unsure of the path that lay ahead of me and the choices I had made to get me on that path.

And though I’m not completely sure of where my path is going to take me next… I am sure of the person I have grown into and am slowly becoming.

Not only am I moving out of the place I shared with 2 very important people in my life, but I am leaving my hometown without a plan to move back. It is a bittersweet realization. I was recently told that sometimes you have to sacrifice the things you love to find your own happiness. I didn’t really understand how this could be possible, until now.

I hate saying goodbye.
Transitioning is hard.
But…without either of these, how can you move forward?

The two roommates that I’ve had the past year and a half, have been like family to me. They were my support system when I completely broke down; when my world was rocked; when the earthquake was over but the after shocks remained; and when I was left with the pieces to figure out how they would fit back together.


They were there for me through the hard times, the happy times, and everything in between. They helped me create the new foundation for which I will continue to live my life upon. They helped me realize that the pieces didn’t necessarily need to be put back together the same way they had previously been placed.

They were there for me when I realized I have the ability to choose the placement of my pieces. For this I will always be grateful and look back on this time in my life with a smile on my face and probably a tear in my eye. They will always be my family.

I know it seems messed up when I’m asked how things are going and I’m not overflowing with joy. It’s not that I’m not happy to move forward, because I’m thrilled at the opportunities and adventures that await me! It’s just hard closing one chapter to move to another.

The transition.
That’s what people sometimes don’t mention when they make these incredibly huge life changes. It’s a process that I’ve come to learn about from previous life experiences, but still struggle with. I do like change and realize how important it is to keep me happy and growing, but going through it can sometimes feel overwhelming. At this point I recognize that it will take time, but I’ve never really been a patient person.

Without fully understanding it, I will try to push out of this emotional cobweb that I have seemingly found myself stuck in. I know this is not good bye, but as you know when you move on, things change…they just do. These photos, however, make my heart sing of all the crazy times we shared together!

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