About #GlitterGlassesJourney

#GlitterGlassesJourney is a metaphor for living life to it’s fullest, in whatever way that may be! They travel to new places, experience new things, meet people of all walks of life, and are sometimes there just to remind us that all things (even cheap plastic) can shine once being “glitterfied”.

Having a bad day or seeing the world in a negative light? Just put on those glitter glasses and change your perspective! I fully believe there IS good in every situation, and I intend to prove it though my #GlitterGlassesJourney.

History of the #GlitterGlassesJourney

In 2013, my sister turned a pair of cheap sunglasses into #GlitterGlasses. I fell in love and started wearing them out as an accessory. It wasn’t long before I started to notice how intrigued people seemed to be by their glitterfied goodness.

In early Spring 2014, I decided that I wanted something more consistent to bring to my photos as I traveled around, and thus, #GlitterGlasses was born. As time went on and the more places #GlitterGlasses went, I realized that #GlitterGlasses was much more than just an accessory. It became a metaphor to live life to it’s fullest, which I was not currently doing.

After much thought and feedback, I decided it was time to take #GlitterGlasses to a new level and in June 2015 #GlitterGlassesJourney was born. Now these seemingly cheap glasses have created a following as well as a squad. Though #GlitterGlassesJourney archives the glasses actual adventures, #GlitterGlassesSquad is for the supporters of the glitter glasses across the globe who may find themselves in a glitterfied state of mind.

The girl behind #GlitterGlassesJourney

Hi! I’m Lizzy and (until recently) one of the few people still in Tennessee that was born and raised in Nashville. I grew up in a tiny Christian school that was very closed-minded, but my father always urged my sister and I to focus on our own journey (he even bribed us to read Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha). I never really understood what he meant until a couple years ago when I started to discover that I am my own person, anything is possible, and I can really be whoever I want to be!

Through travel, my eyes have been opened to so many things! I’ve seen what I am capable of and that this world offers endless possibilities, so long as we have the courage to take them.

We only have one life to live, so why not make the most of it? Through my glitter glasses I hope to experience all of the beauty and adventure this world has to offer!

Join me on my journey or get your own pair and make your own #glitterglassesjourney!

-Lizzy Marie