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6 reasons I chose “Self-care” as my 2019 theme

After a tough 2017, I was hoping that 2018 would provide a bit of a break for Miles and me. I should’ve know it would be anything but after our only vehicle was totaled early in the year (read Ode to Miles’ Truck). I didn’t really get a chance to sit down and reflect on the year’s end like I normally do, so here’s the bullet version…
  • Totaled our only vehicle
  • Miles got a new job in Florida
  • We got a new car
  • Married ourselves secretly
  • Moved across the country 2 days after ^
  • Had to find a place to live within a few days
  • Planned a wedding
  • Had constant issues with our rental home
  • Started training to run a half marathon
  • Got a stress fracture, which took me out of the exercise game all together, 2 months before the wedding
  • Miles’ work situation became extremely challenging (the most stressed I have EVER seen him)
  • Had a wedding celebration with family and friends in Mexico
  • Came back to mushrooms growing in the rental home we were in
  • Moved AGAIN just before/during the holidays
While 2018 provided some high highs and some challenging lows, it set us up for a {hopefully} more stable 2019! The new home we moved into is more tailored to Miles and me. It features a large screened in porch along with an open kitchen/living room. We haven’t seen a single cockroach (or Palmetto bug aka GIANT cockroach) since moving in. Though the rent is a little bit higher, we will definitely be happier (and safer) here.
I LOVE setting goals and fresh starts, so I had to reel it back a bit when it came to thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this year. I tend to “bite off more than I can chew”, so it was important for me to pick a word/theme for the year that I could stick with. I’ve decided “Self-Care” will be my primary focus this year. Whyyyyy??? Because I want to take better care of ME, both physically and mentally.


6 reasons I chose this theme:

  1. Skin regimen. Over the last couple years I started feeling the need to take better care of the skin I live in. I’ve been more conscious about what foods I chose to put in my body including all those chemically processed ingredients, so why not do the same for my skin? My face/skin has always been sensitive, so it’s been a struggle to find something that worked. In addition, I probably only wear makeup a handful of times each year because I am constantly itching at my eyes/face when I have it on. Towards the end of 2018 I fell in love with a company, Beauty Counter, that changed my perspective! The company is all about safer products and have banned MANY chemicals/ingredients from their products. I was wary (more like frugal), but gave it a try and now I am hooked. SO hooked, that I have decided to sell it myself! (More on that in a later post)
  2. Nighttime routine. Sleep is something I have always struggled with and I know that is closely connect to my lack of routine. This year I am hoping to form more of a nightly routine that I can follow at least 70-80% of the time. Better sleep = Better (more productive) Lizzy.
  3. Exercise more consistently. When I am more active, everything else seems to fall into place. I find myself in a much better mental state and overall I feel more confident knowing I am at least trying. The additional energy doesn’t hurt either!
  4. Eating better/less sugar. This affects the previous 3 statements. I love sugar and when I am eating it (even in moderation) I tend to fall off the deep end more frequently and spiral out of control. When I am OFF sugary sweets, I tend to be more motivated, have more energy, and just plain feel better!
  5. Be more intentional with the time/energy I give to others. I often do things out of guilt. Ex. “This person did this for me, so I owe it to them to do this, even though I really do not want to and do not have time for it.” If someone gives me something or gives me their time, I want to enjoy it and leave it at that. All too often I feel that gifts (including time) come at a cost. People should never give expecting something in return, so I have to stop living as if they are doing that. On the flip side, I need to do the same…give with no expectations. Just because I do something for someone does not mean that they should do something for me. *Side note: I also want to work more on letting things go this year. My head is already plenty filled with all sorts of things, so there is no reason to keep holding onto relationships/feelings that are toxic to my overall well being.
  6. Enjoy every moment. Slow the f*$% down. Of course every moment will not be sunshine and rainbows, but no matter WHAT moment I am in, I want to be all in. My mind often drifts to the past or the future. It’s a constant struggle to stay in the present. Through meditation I hope to strengthen my mind so that I can live more in the moment.
And there you have it! I finally feel prepared to take on 2019 and all the wonderful things that await me! Let’s do this!!

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